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"I can't figure out how to do something."
"It's not doing what I expect it to do."
"Is something is wrong with the software?"
"The process for entering deposits is confusing."
        "I can't customize reports."
       "Customer service is not helping."


Levitating Objects

"Myrna is a Quickbooks® expert who cleans up messy files — just the person I needed!"
                                           —KP, Executive Director

BUSINESSes and organizations

Back to School

Business Owners

  • Business owners who use QuickBooks® — and hate it

  • Contractors who need estimating and job costing to work

  • Landscape contractors needing job costing over 8 profit centers

  • Lawyers with messy IOLTA accounts that need to be balanced

  • Connecting e-commerce applications to reduce data redundancy

  • Property managers managing client/landlord funds

  • Retail stores needing to record daily sales from POS every day

Nonprofit Organizations

  • Orchestras needing to defer revenue and costs by concert

  • Synagogues and churches needing to segregate general funds from restricted funds

  • Public school systems: allowing each principal to have their own budget

  • High Schools: manage student activity funds.  Roll class money from year to year

  • Municipalities: extract data from large greenbar paper reports

  • Creating processes for managing accounts from outside town budgets

  • Centers for the Arts - defer revenue and costs by activity

Grey Paper

CPA Firms


Your CPA does more than taxes. They are atop the list of ethical professionals with a job only they can do: provide the attest function. An attest function is a CPA's review of a company's financial statement. After a comprehensive review, a CPA delivers an opinion on the integrity of the numbers in the statement. The attest function is the process of conducting an examination of an entity's financial statements by a third party, where the outcome is the third party's formal certification that the financial statements fairly present the entity's financial results and financial position.


CPAs were taught a curriculum that did not include computerized accounting and bookkeeping systems for their clients — and it makes sense that clients would expect their accountant to set them up. Myrna saw a gap in the industry and she became a CPA in her 30s. Her business specializes in the systems that provide information for CPAs to do their job with confidence.


Myrna is an asset to CPAs, helping your clients and your staff.  Myrna has used QuickBooks® every day for more than 30 years for businesses in every industry. Send the tough stuff to Myrna. It's more effective than using your own staff to muddle through it during busy season.

 Moneyball (2011)
Based on the book by Michael Lewis

"The reason Billy Beane’s strategy was ground-breaking was because he 'had the courage to use the insight gleaned from data analytics to drive the way he ran his business.'"   

"Moneyball succeeded for the Oakland A’s not because of data analytics but because of Beane, the leader who understood and used the analytics’ potential and changed the organization so it could deliver on that potential.”  — UW Data Science Team

"We've got to use every piece of data and piece of information, and hopefully that will help us be accurate with our player evaluation. For us, that's our lifeblood." 

— Billy Beane

Executive VP of Baseball Operations

Oakland Athletics

Moneyball and Myrna: Drilling Down to the Data 


Billy Beane succeeded because he used the analytics that were recorded.  That’s why companies have QuickBooks®. It’s the system of keeping track of data to produce reports for management. Reports that show the results of your operations.  And numbers don’t lie.


Honestly, is QuickBooks® helping you manage your business successfully? If not, it’s probably not set up correctly for your business and/or no one has shown you how to use it properly. 


Anyone can fix messy files by making journal entries.


Not Myrna. She drills down to the root of entries, determines the systemic disconnect, fixes the transactions, and then trains your staff to do it correctly.

If QuickBooks® is not customized for your industry, it will not yield optimal information for management to make decisions with confidence.


The goal is to manage your business by the numbers.

in our post-pandemic

 turbulent world,

The future is uncertain.


It’s important now to adapt your systems to this new normal. 


Paper receipts are vanishing as more purchasing happens online. We can already see a decrease in the integrity of the data. For example: 

  • Home Depot charges are recorded with no job costing

  • Amazon purchases are posted to a number of arbitrary accounts

  • Debit card purchases hinder cash flow planning

  • Credit card purchases by multiple users without details

  • Business owners co-mingling their other business funds or personal funds

  • Bad debts are increasing as small businesses close

We have to adapt to today's post-Covid business practices. Myrna has developed a new bookkeeping process and procedure that fixed the challenge.

Clients who meet with Myrna for a few hours monthly learn how to understand  their financials and how to use them to make decisions — and sleep better!

Are you ready to make QuickBooks® work for you? It's time to call the Fixer.

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